Saeed Shahi is an Iranian author and teacher, best known for creating YumYum method. He was born on June 6th ,1985 (in Ardabil). His major was mathematics and he studied mathematics at high school. When he was in pre-university course, he understood that he was interested in learning English but he was bad at English.
He couldn’t translate even one paragraph. It took him eight hours to translate an eight-line paragraph.
“Who is going to be a volunteer to read a text?” his teacher asked.
Saeed Shahi raised his hand and he read the text and then his teacher said, “Very good” but Saeed was terrible at English (accent, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, speaking).
Saeed just memorize thousands of words every day without putting them into practice.
After graduating from high school, he went on to the university to get his bachelor’s degree in Tabriz.
He had a brilliant English teacher who fired him with enthusiasm for literature at an early age. He majored in English literature. He was really into speaking English but he couldn’t speak English fluently.
He started to speak English with himself for hours. It took him a while to learn the ropes and get the hang of it at the university, but he finally graduated nearly four years later.
Now he becomes an English teacher and an author as well.
After teaching for a few years, he took a great interest in writing some English books for both adults and kids. He is the author of sixteen books, thirteen books for adults and 3 three books for kids.
He is going to be a YouTuber. He likes to teach how to speak English in the right way.
He is a young teacher with many books.
Other activities:
He has technical, management, communication, social, people, interpersonal and language skills.
He has very good PR.
He attended many seminars for years.
He can give brilliant seminars on speaking English.
He works with people from overseas and participates in international seminars or meetings.
He introduces the seminar method to teach students the latest advances in English.
His books, treatises, speeches, workshops and seminars on English are plentiful.